When the Bears Call in a Fox

(Originally Published Wednesday, January 28, 2015)
Da Bears are one of the most beloved teams in football. Ok, so maybe they’re not, but I like to pretend they are because they’re my team. However, they are very well known in the league, which tends to draw some media attention. Recently, the Bears fired head coach Marc Trestman, GM Phil Emery and Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer. All I can say is thank god. I’d flipped on Sports Center that morning to catch up and I when saw the breaking news banner at the bottom I about exploded. I ran around the house yelling “Yes! Yes! We finally have a fucking chance to win!”

Trestman needed to go so badly, as did Emery. Emery was the jackass who signed Cutler to a 7-year contract. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT? I mean, if Cutler had actually been producing, then yeah I would’ve been so down for that. But he hasn’t been…at all. He finished the year with a QB rating of 54! Could he be any worse? Well I suppose he could be Johnny Manziel…but Cutler’s been in the league for a while now. Buck up, bro, you suck. Trestman was such a butt buddy with Cutler it was disgusting. He never learned from Lovie Smith when he entered the position: pull Cutler when he makes more than 1 mistake. I normally would keep a quarterback after a mistake or two because everyone makes them. Cutler, on the other hand, spirals into a whirlwind of despair and shittiness when he makes them. Granted, our offensive line is paltry at best, but for christ’s sake, you’re in the NFL for a reason. It’s literally your only job and you’re supposed to be the best of the best. End rant–I’ll have more on this later.
As for Kromer, I wasn’t as happy to see him go as I was Trestman and Emery, but it was high time for him to leave the organization. How many times can you call a screen pass on 3rd and long? Every time? Ok, yeah, that seems like a great plan. Let’s have our shitty QB complete a 1-yard pass and have our running back run for 15 yards. It obviously makes tons of sense. No! That’s not how you run an offense and it sure as hell isn’t how you run an offense when literally nobody can block.
John Fox resigned from his position with Denver earlier this month and quickly chose to interview with the Bears. Luckily, he arrived at the Bronco’s just after Cutler left, so he hopefully won’t be playing any more stupid Trestman-like favoritism. Actually, I’m pretty positive he won’t because he’s a coach who wants to win. What a freaking concept! Fox is going to bring a whole different vibe to the team, something that has been needed for quite some time. I’m excited to see Ryan Pace’s time with the organization, as well. He’s the youngest GM in the NFL and he’s bound to bring a fresh perspective to our team.
Needless to say, the Bears are in for a whole shake down and as a fan, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Superbowl L, here we come!

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