Tiger Woods Sucks More Than Jenna Jameson

(Originally Published Saturday, February 7, 2015)
I’m going to preface this post with a disclaimer. I really don’t like golf. I find it horribly boring to both play and watch. I will, however, absolutely go to the driving range and aim for the ball-picker-upper-guy. Ok so now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about Tiger Woods.

Ah, yes the prodigal son. The youngest player to win the Masters. Countless titles and awards decorated his shelves for years…until 2009. Hoards of women came out from the woodwork stating that they’d been with the golfer. His wife–hot wife–naturally filed for divorce and Tiger hasn’t been the same player since. In fact, he’s been pretty shitty. For nearly 2 straight years he was on a losing streak. A losing streak that I believe is the reason he’s still so terrible. He finally broke that record number of losses at his own Chevron World Challenge Charity Tourney. Shockingly enough, 2 years later in March 2013 he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which actually thrusted him into the number 1 position until May of 2014… but then he was terrible again.

I continue to flip on SportsCenter and they keep talking about how “Tiger is going to come back. We all just know it!” I really don’t think so. He screwed himself over and his head hasn’t been properly in the game since. Sure, he had a year where he did well, but 1 year doesn’t make a player great. In fact,  he finished his last tournament ranked above the 50 cut, shooting a career low of 82. If he doesn’t shape up quickly he’s not even going to make it to the damn World Golf Championship.

I personally don’t like Tiger for a plethora of reasons, but this just makes me dislike him more. It’s very clear that he’s just not focusing. I get that everyone has an off year….or maybe even 2! But he’s pretty much sucked 4 out of the last 5 years. Shooting for a 20% success rate is just appalling! My god, Tiges, get your damn head in the game.


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