The Life and Failures of Jay Cutler

(Originally Published Friday, January 30, 2015)

Jay Cutler: the man, the myth, the failure. I’ve already touched on this subject, but goddamn do I dislike him. Let’s rewind a few years. The Bears have struggled with quarterbacks for what seems like eons. From Orton to Griese to Grossman, we haven’t struck gold in far too long. Sure, Grossman led us to the SuperBowl, but that doesn’t mean he was good. We had an incredible defense, captained by Urlacher and a strong O Line, too! And then we dumped what we thought was a pile of crap….and made the worst decision possible. We traded for Jay Cutler. Little did we know the great suffering we’d endure.

“Give him a few years, he needs time to adjust.” “He’s just not used to our play calling yet.” “He’s still so young.” Excuse after excuse emerged for his piss poor performance. Lovie Smith couldn’t wrangle in the terrible and neither could Marc Trestman. Cutler is a sad excuse for an NFL quarterback. For god’s sake he ended the season with an overall QB rating of 54. 54! No self-respecting professional quarterback should be so awful. Do you have no pride, Jay? Brian Urlacher was the glue that held together the Bears and once he left, there was no hope. Cutler was expected to step up, but like the pussy he is, he stayed quiet and never even attempted to be a leader on the field. Urlacher actually came out and said “the only elite thing about Cutler is his money.” Boy did he hit the nail on the head. He went on to state that other great quarterbacks such as Rodgers and Brady are lacking in certain player departments, yet they still win. In other words, Cutler is a failure.

With John Fox as head coach, things are about to change very quickly. I think they need give Cutler one year to prove himself and if he’s unable to do so, his ass is gone. Seriously, we can’t have a god awful quarterback for 6 effing more years! Hellllllllll no. We should never tie up that much money into one mediocre, iffy player at best. Even if I wasn’t a Bears fan, I’d say they should do this. It’s so obvious that he has no talent and isn’t willing to improve. When he’s off the field, he sits by himself. That’s it. He doesn’t look at the playbook like Manning or interact with his teammates. No, he sits by himself and sulks about how terrible he’s been playing. We need to free up money to bring some actual talent onto the team. We need someone who can be a leader and play well. We need a quarterback, or so help us god.


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