Shine On, Katy, Shine On

(Originally Published Tuesday, February 3, 2015)
I’ll man up….errrr woman up….and admit when I’m wrong. I recently wrote a post about how unexcited I was to watch this year’s halftime show. Holy shit was I wrong! Like I said before, I actually really like Katy Perry. I just wasn’t so keen on her being the performance for the SuperBowl.

She entered the stage riding a mechanical tiger. Riding a mother effing tiger!! Naturally, she sang “Roar” and killed it. Lenny Kravitz jumped on stage to play with the pop star and as he does, he shredded on guitar. Although it was pretty obvious the only reason he wanted to perform with her was because of her tight ass bod. Seriously! All he did was stare at her tatas. Anyway, he did really well with her as holographic images poured onto the field. Katy disappeared for a quick-change, while the entire background switched. It was pretty obvious that “California Girls” was coming up from the sharks, beach and palm trees. In fact, her dress was very beach ball-esque. I thought this was where Snoop would make an appearance, but I was sadly mistaken. She sang two songs and hopped back stage for another outfit change.

And then she made the absolute best decision possible. She included Missy Elliot in her performance. Hell yes. HELL YES. I haven’t seen that chick in a while, but damn can she still shine. I swear to god I was taken back to 2003 with this kick ass music and the extremely low gas prices that we haven’t seen in years. Katy even rapped a bit–which isn’t as terrible as it sounds. She was actually pretty good! Needless to say, I was very wrong about the whole show. Katy (or her team) was so meticulous down to the last stitch in her outfit. Rock it like a lioness, Kitty Purry.


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