Running Back Coach Hired by Bears

(Originally Published Friday, February 6, 2015)

Yesterday, the Bears did one of the smartest things possible. On top of the hiring of John Fox as head coach, Ryan Pace as GM and Adam Gase as offensive coordinator, a new staff member was hired. They decided to hire Stan Drayton as the Running Back coach. Now why is this such exciting news? He was Ohio State’s RB coach for the past 3 years!

Yes, the reigning national championship team! The absolute boss, Ezekiel Elliott, who rushed for 1,878 yards in a single season and Carlos Hyde who currently plays for the 49ers were under the tutorship of Drayton. The dude knows how to crank out some superstars and my god could the Bears use some incredible talent in the running department.
Skip Peete was told he will not be returning next season and will be replaced with someone infinitely better. It’s fantastic when 2 football worlds collide!

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