Playoff Predelication

(Originally Published Wednesday, December 31, 2014)

The BCS is no more. Kaput. Donezo. The FBS has been implemented as a way to truly determine the best football team for the season. No more seemingly arbitrary championship game bullcrap. This system isn’t perfect and I don’t think any one could be, but it’s a major improvement over the old BCS crap. 2014 is the inaugural year with the following four teams as the playoff participants: Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State and Alabama. Oregon and FSU are playing in the Rose Bowl, while OSU and ‘Bama will vie for a spot in the Championship in the Sugar Bowl. Both games will be played New Years Day. The Winner of each game will then play for the inaugural FBS Championship title.

As an avid Ohio State fan, I will be rooting for the Buckeyes. Regardless of this, I will always cheer for whichever team that plays an SEC team. My opinions on the SEC are very well-known amongst my friends, but I will save that topic for its own post. I recently saw this picture about how the US , by county, thinks the Championship with unfold. Red counties are for Alabama, Gray are OSU, Green are Oregon and Yellow is FSU. Naturally, the majority of the country believes that ‘Bama will win.
Of course I do not agree, but to each his own. OSU reps the entire state of Ohio, part of Michigan and a variety of counties throughout the country. Oregon, Washington and much of the west believes that the Ducks will win, while Florida and a few random counties think that Florida State will win. So there you have it, folks, the country’s predictions on the first ever NCAA Championship playoff winner.
Naturally, my predilection revolves around the Buckeyes. This season has brought about many injuries, yet the team has shown remarkable resilience. Braxton Miller, touted as a potential Heisman winner, threw out his shoulder during pre-season practice. According to some, it was his 666th throw. Call it whatever you like, but that just seems like some bad juju. The backup, JT Barrett, was expected to have a decent, but not a dazzling Braxton season. As a redshirt freshman, he’d seen Miller play and had a handle on the OSU line, but nobody expected him to play the way he did. In fact, he crushed both Miller’s and Pryor’s freshman records. He truly just played out of his shorts….until the Michigan game. Unfortunately at that point, he broke his ankle and HIS Heisman hopes were shattered. As Buckeye fans mourned our playoff loss as we felt we’d reached the bottom of our bag in terms of QBs, Cardale Jones killed it. He broke football. In the Big 10 Championship game, Ohio State came out and cremated Wisconsin. This game was supposed to determine the best team in the conference, but boy did Wisconsin leave their team at home. I actually think they called all of the players’ grandmas and had them play instead. Our 3rd string QB, as well as the rest of the team, just absolutely destroyed the Badgers that day, resulting in a complete shutout. 59-0. That incredible win was just icing on the cake for OSU, as the speculations started flying as to who we would play in the playoff.
Sorry, TCU, but you guys aren’t good, don’t have any strength of schedule and really shouldn’t have even been considered for it. Like who did you guys play? Oh right… Iowa State. I mean I’m sure those are fun games to watch, but you might as well quote Gordon Gee on this one, “We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.” So there you have it, Gee coming through on a clutch old quote to keep the true best in the best bowls.
So tomorrow marks the day that we can show our true colors and paint our faces scarlet and gray. I have an inkling that this is going to be a tough game. I mean, no shit guys. Alabama and OSU are touted as some of the premiere teams in the country. My feelings on this game are pretty obvious, but I’m ready for some good ol’ fashioned football. Regardless of the outcome, this will be one of the best games of the year.  I’ve got my 30 rack in the fridge and the wings are ready to be consumed. Bring it, ‘Bama, I’m ready to see your team come out ready to win. I’m sick of hearing this “SEC is so much better than the Big 10” crap. Hold onto your panties, boys, because the Buckeyes are coming to town.

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