Harbaugh Takes to Social Media like a Teen

(Originally Published Sunday, February 8, 2015)
So it’s already pretty clear that OSU and Michigan are longtime rivals. In fact, Newsweek once did an analysis on college rivalries and this one topped the charts. Jim Harbaugh was recently hired by the Wolverines to replace Brady Choke. That dude sucked balls. Anyway, I was actually pretty excited to see a great coach leave the NFL to come to college football! It means that the B1G will be even better than everyone says–suck it SEC–and we’ll have a stronger strength of schedule. Moreover, the rivalry will FINALLY be reignited.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s super effing awesome to see OSU just crush McShitigan, but sometimes I want to see a real game. Well it looks like there is already bad blood between the new coach and the reigning national champion coach. Earlier this week, national signing day brought some major tension between the two coaches. Mike Weber out of Detroit had originally signed with Bithcigan, but rescinded his commitment when ex-head coach Hoke’s job was in jeopardy. He then committed to Ohio State and kept his word to the school.

The next day, OSU’s Running Back coach was picked up by the Chicago Bears. Naturally, Harbaugh was pissed and took to twitter, as he does. He thought it was shady of the Buckeyes to pick up a nationally ranked RB and then took away the coach the recruit was promised. While I can at least see Harbaugh’s point, it’s pretty clear that he’s more bitter than angry for the sake of the kid. Coaches, just like players, can commit, de-commit and sign with other teams. It’s just a freaking fact of football!

Harbaugh’s child-like behavior can be seen on social media. He posted, “Thought of the day – What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! – Sir Walter Scott”. Really, dude? Are you a 13-year-old girl? Either man up and talk to Meyer about his recruiting habits or shut the hell up. Don’t be a little bitch, bud, you’ve entered the greatest rivalry in college history.


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