All Hail King Izzo

Michigan State’s basketball coach is nothing less than phenomenal. Since becoming the Spartan’s head coach in 1995, Tom Izzo has proven himself over and over. During the regular season his team may not be ranked–much like the ’14/’15 season. Once the Big Dance arrives, however, Izzo’s wizarding powers are truly apparent.

This year’s Spartan team has a lot of strong players, but there isn’t anyone who is truly “NBA-worthy”. That being said, his team is a tight-knit unit. They’ve played together for years and treat each other like family–something that Izzo strives for. He takes boys and makes them men in every aspect of their lives. Michigan State had some unfortunate losses to teams such as Illinois and other NIT caliber programs, which made a lot of people question their prowess on the court. The Big 10 Tournament is where we saw the 180 in the way the team connected. Wisconsin may have won the Championship, but they weren’t able to breeze to the W. State’s legendary defense was a challenge to Bo Ryan’s team and the fire was lit in the Spartan’s shorts.

They were given a 7 seed this year, which many claimed was an under-seeding on the part of the selection committee. After rolling through Georgia, Virginia and Oklahoma, they were met with a match in the Elite 8. True to their past, State took down Louisville for a spot in the Final 4. As a Spartan fan, it’s been incredible to watch everyone on Tom Izzo’s dick. They crap on them during the regular season, but as soon as March Madness rolls around, Izzo is nothing short of a demi-god.

This year’s Final 4 is filled with coaching royalty: Bo Ryan, Coach K, John Calipari and of course, Tom Izzo. Izzo, however, outranks the others in that he’s reached the Final 4 three separate times when ranked as a 5 seed or lower. He has lead his mostly underrated teams to 7 Final 4s, 2 National Championships and 18 straight NCAA tournaments. His ability to lead and teach his players had awarded him with 4 separate National Coach of the Year Awards, as well as being named the Top Basketball Program of the Decade (’98-’07). I may be biased, but his incredible attitude, coaching style and love for his players has granted him the title “King Izzo”. Sparty on!


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